Leila, tell us about yourself, – your story and how you came to design this geometric bags?

Born and raised in Province, France, I always have been fascinated with fashion, watching my mother sew clothes for me. Fashion has always been my passion and I had this dream to found my own maison since I was a child. I see myself in my room dreaming of a Parisian and fashion life! After my business school, when a big entertainment company offered me a job that I could not refuse, safe and lucrative, I declined to try to make it into fashion. After eight years in leather goods and product development for big fashion houses like Chloé, Isabel Marant or Saint Laurent, I forged the will and the skills to found my own house. I have always been inspired by art and architecture. I love asymmetric silhouettes and it was logical for me to design a geometric bag. I also like to think my bags as iconic design objects. So as an inaugural piece, I created the “Triangle Bag”.

What is the meaning of Talel?

With my androgynous style and my husband as a muse, I decided to call my brand Talel, a name that also means “joyful” in Arabic. I am very proud to be Arab and I really wanted to put forward my origins!

How old is the brand?

The brand is really new, I launched it last year 🙂

How did you get the idea for this new collection?

This season I really wanted to push customization. I love to mix the colors that’s why all the nappa pouches inside my bags are interchangeable. This offers several variations and color combos that the customer can choose from. I love customizing my own pieces and have unique pieces to differentiate myself from an ultra competitive market. I have a multitude of options with only one bag and I love to play with that!

What is the brand message?

With my limited 2 collections a year that will never be on sale, and my pre order system I want to produce only what will be sold and avoid any over-production. I also name sure that there is an equal treatment along the whole supply chain. The factory I am working with is given a compliance audit to evaluate factors like fair wages, reasonable hours, and their impact on the environment. By doing little but better, I can design luxurious bags at an accessible price point and make my brand contemporary for today’s active and cool women who want to stand out with strong and unique pieces.

Tell us about the colour palette, what’s the inspiration?

One of Talel’s signature is candy-bright colors. I love colors on accessories, and I develop my own colors on each leather. This is something important in the DNA of the brand. The creative process on the color selection is very different, there are no rules. If I see something that I like, a photo in a magazine, an image, anything in the street or tradition and culture that I discover during my different trips, as long as it catches my eyes!

If you were styling an outfit with your bag as the main accessory, which brands would you style it with?

I love the streetwear brands. I have always been inspired by the street! I’ll define the perfect Talel outfit between a mix of minimalism and streetwear.

Who’s your ultimate it-girl for SS21?

My muse, Serena Sy which is the face of my new Spring Summer 2021 collection. I really like her and she represents very well the Talel women : strong, unapologetic, masculine/feminine and unique. 

We love the micro bag! Which one is selling more the mini or the larger styles?

The micro bag is definitely this season again on top of the bags trends. We sell the micro bag very well and the shape is even cuter in the mini size, the bag looks like a candy!

How can we get our hands on one?

The bags on Fall Winter 2020 are exclusively online on my website : www.talelparis.com. But on Spring summer 2021 we’ll have stockists in the Middle east, Kuwait, Lebanon, London, Paris, China and I hope other countries! We are still on sales timing and we do not have finalize the sales 🙂

Tell us your future plans for Talel? What’s coming up next?

I am working on a new design of the brand. A new shape is coming next season and I am also open to work on different supports, the mix between art and objects has always fascinated me and I would love to work on it in the future! We’ll see what the future holds..!

Learn more on talelparis.com

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