Zoe Kravitz Named YSL’s Beauty Muse

YSL Beauty has named Zoe Kravitz as its newest U.S. beauty muse. Kravitz will collaborate on a social media campaign highlighting some of her favorite makeup looks.

“YSL has always been one of my favorite brands. Their ability to combine the chicest of style with a raw edge has always been to me one of the best ways to express yourself through fashion and beauty. Nothing is forced, nothing is fake, but everything is bold, strong, and unafraid,” said Kravitz in an official statement.

“As a YSL Beauty muse, Zoe represents the brand’s vision of beauty, appealing to women of all ethnicities to become empowered through style and beauty,” added Alexandre Choueiri, president of L’Oreal International Designer Collections Division.



Kravitz will also star in the cosmetic brand’s new video, “Before the Light.” The project, which will be filmed in Los Angeles on May 5, will showcase the transformative power of makeup for up-and-coming musicians around the world. But before these projects debut, check out the YSL’s Instagram to see how Kravitz got ready for the 2016 Met Gala.