The First Monday of May is finally here, and that only means one thing: fashion biggest night out is back! Anna Wintour is throwing a party at the Metropolitan Museum of Art also known as the Met Gala in the aim to raise money for the Costume Institute. Because the whole point as Anna mentioned during an interview is to keep it interesting and a place that people will always want to visit – “We don’t want a museum to become a mausoleum, we want it to be alive and vibrant”.


In anticipation of tonight’s carpet (from what we understand, it might not even be red), and probably the most exciting event of the year for New Yorkers and celebrities alike. We dive in, what the theme means and what looks to expect. Anna Wintour will host the night, alongside two superstar Co-hosts Lady Gaga and Harry Styles. And maybe one year it will be the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge as their Anna Wintour’s dream guests.


The theme of the night is Camp – and no this isn’t a dress code synonymous to hiking boots and backpacks. Taking inspiration from American writer Susan Sontag’s essay  “Notes on Camp” described in 58 points and published in 1964, this year’s essence is basically about having fun with fashion, and not taking oneself too seriously. It has zero to do with nature, but everything that’s artificial and fake, playing on illusion and nothing is what you think it means. Despite celebrities freaking out about what they should wear – we might be in for a treat this year… as some have asked the permission to make their big entrance on the wildest, weirdest methods of transport.

This truly isn’t the year to play it safe, and we hope celebrities will go all out and wear designers that often work around trompe- a-l’œil effects, like Thom Browne, Schiaparelli, Viktor, and Rolf. Basically, the ones that always make you look and think twice when you see a garment. You can watch the Met Gala live on Vogue Magazine’s Instagram or on E!


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