weighing in on The Reformation Breastfeeding Controversy

Los Angeles-based brand Reformation posted a picture on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, that started a stir of comments of feminism saga. The post in question is a shot of model Abby Brothers breastfeeding her son Cedar Wesley Mansfield in the Addilyn dress, along with a cheeky comment: “Cool dress, Mom. Engineered for easy access.” As soon as I saw the post I started my research, even at home both my mom and sister had words to say… Like “Good for them!”, “It’s a God given right.” , “right on!”, and “beautiful thing.”

God created a mother to mother and part of that is to feed her baby, whenever he wants it. Whether she’s in her home, or out she shouldn’t feel guilty or judged if she and pardon my harsh words: Whips it Out! One breast at a time… I remember seeing the women in my family feeding their babies without thinking twice if it’s politically correct or not. They didn’t even think, it’s a natural feeling, a natural act that is not seen as a taboo, not in my side of the border anyways. It’s true that women have gone far in their quest for equal rights, yet they forgot that some acts are sacred and in their simplicity, are a right for every mother. Love it or not, breastfeeding is in! Forever In!

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Felwa AlHudaithy