Vertu’s New Signature Touch

Vertu’s New Signature Touch is handmade in England. From its hand-fed stitching to its finely polished titanium, each one is meticulously crafted with obsessive attentiaon to detail. Made out of a combination of titanium, calf leather, sapphire crystal, and even a real ruby, this is an ultra-high-end piece of equipment, and it feels it to the touch with every surface being incredibly tactile. The luxe mobile has a 5.2” sapphire crystal screen. Crafted from a single piece of 130 carat sapphire crystal, it combines a high definition display with an ultra-resilient scratch resistant surface. The result is rich color, heightened contrast and intensified luminosity.


You can also personalize your New Signature Touch to ensure your individuality; select from a wide choice of sophisticated colors, fine leathers and rare metals, and even add your own unique engraving. Once you’ve completed your design, a single master craftsman in England will faithfully create your unique Vertu with meticulous attention to detail.

Vertu’s New Signature Touch is Available now on, starting from  € 8.400,00.

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