To say BY FAR is ‘trending’ is somewhat of an understatement. This brand has been part of reshaping the way we understand luxury and identify ‘what fashion is’. Daring design and thoughtful, provocative storytelling, we were so excited to catch up with Valentina for a quick chat about one of the brands constantly on our wishlist.

  1. How did you get into the industry and how did your label come about?

We’ve been always obsessed with the beauty of fashion and we had been thinking for quite some time to create a shoe line since we have tradition in craftmanship here locally in Bulgaria. The British Vogue magazine spotted us from the first collection, naming us their favorite new accessory brand, after that we just sky-rocked by being stocked at every luxury retailer around the world and worn by every cool IT girl globally.

  1. What’s the BY FAR signature style?

The square toe of the TANYA sandals is definitely one of our signature styles together with the MINI and the RACHEL bags.

  1. What motivated you to start designing shoes?

The biggest drive at the beginning was simple the fact that we spotted a huge gap in the market for what we’re providing as a style and vibe. 

  1. Describe the girl you typically design for.

The BY FAR girl is successful, entrepreneurial and ambitious. She travels around the world and want to wear accessories that work for sunny Dubai and rainy London at the same time. She appreciates authenticity and craftsmanship. She would wear her accessories as a way to empower herself, as a tool to express herself and finish her look. The BY FAR girl is effortlessly cool!

  1. What inspires you as a designer?

Our biggest inspirations are vintage finds and new friends. We love meeting BY FAR girls around the world, they’re our biggest source of inspiration.

  1. How have social platforms like Instagram affected the brand?

Instagram has definitely made easier for us to communicate globally our universe. It’s the place where we speak with everyone, from BY FAR girls to editors, celebrities and other friends of the brand.

  1. Who’s the ideal BY FAR muse?

Rachel Green from the TV show ‘FRIENDS’

(D-journal) Ahhh yes.. we hear you loud and clear.

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