To coincide with David Hockney‘s birthday today, The Andy Warhol Foundation have pulled some absolute gold from deep down in their archives.

Ten unpublished Polaroids taken by Andy Warhol of the painter in the 70’s, which were intended to be used in Warhol’s Interview Magazine.

The Foundation even had a little hunt around in Andy’s diary to find a quote from the artist. “David Hockney came to lunch and Vincent [Fremont] did a video of him. And afterwards he went into the other room and did the interview,” he wrote, adding “David’s cute, he really is magic”.

unseen-andy-warhol-polaroids-of-david-hockney-revealed-body-image-1496763515 unseen-andy-warhol-polaroids-of-david-hockney-revealed-body-image-1496763496 unseen-andy-warhol-polaroids-of-david-hockney-revealed-body-image-1496763437