Let the writers of The New York Times whisk you away. Whether it’s a swim to the tiny monastery island of Lago d’Orta in Italy or a stroll through the flower-filled meadows of the Dolomites, you’ll find plenty of adventure to go around in these curated collections of dream trips from the team that brought you TASCHEN’s best-selling 36 Hours guides.

Explorer debuts with Mountains, Deserts & Plains and Beaches, Islands & Coasts, complete with first-person narratives and postcard-perfect photography to take you beyond the obvious and into exciting new perspectives. From breathtaking cliffs to soul-nourishing coves, misty hiking trails to warm, white sands, the lucky ones traveling to these magical places will find an insightful guide; those sitting comfortably at home will feel like they’re just a pebble’s throw away. In either case, it’s the ultimate holiday read.

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