PhotographerAyaad Damouni at D the Agency
Fashion Direction – Meredith Damouni at D the Agency
Stylist Tara Ellis
Joelle’s Glam Team – Max Factor and Joelle Paris
Production -Capital D Studio
LocationPalazzo Versace, Dubai
Production and RetouchingCapital D Studio

We exclusively shoot Joelle Mardinian at Palazzo Versace


How do you describe yourself?
I am a proud mama of two kids, a business person who’s is creating and building brands, owner of Joelle Clinic in France, a fighter for success and a responsible person.


What is your favourite part of the day?
My favourite part of any day is Friday morning when I sit in bed with my children, we eat and watch TV in bed. Also, when I am alone I enjoy this time as I am busy during the working week.


What is astonishing you right now?
After thirteen years I have been doing everything on my own and finally I received a great opportunity to have a partner in the ‘Joelle’ brand.


How do you deal with making difficult decisions fast? 
I go with my instincts, I don’t get scared, I am always ready for the new big opportunities.


What is your motto?
Fight for your success.


What has been the most exciting business achievement in the past six months? 
The past six months’ achievement is a new line of Joelle Paris. We also opened the new Joelle Clinic in Kuwait.


What does 2017 hold in store for you?
We open a new clinic in Casablanca and will be opening a new clinic in Riyadh as well as a new clinic in Iraq at the end of 2017.


How do you relate to the people you make over on your show? You are famous for making the look beautiful yet so loved for your very honest personality. How do you stay so grounded?
I treat people with a lot of sensitivity, it’s a big change for the people who go on my show. They go out after the show literally like a new people, fresh, happy and more confident. It’s a great feeling for me as well.


What has been the most difficult part of running your business?
The difficult part is to handle everything all together – daily there is the TV show, then our social media platforms, on top of that, managing my employees. Also, the hard part is to trust people and be sure that they will be as responsible as you are. Thirdly – the hardest part is when people disappoint you, moving on or having to fix things, this is very difficult.


Do you like to travel for business? Where is your favourite destination?
I travel a lot for the business to Morocco, Oman and the whole Middle East. I enjoy to travel to Cannes and London with my family.


Which people have been a true inspiration for you on your journey so far?
I am inspired by different people and in some way by every single person I meet. All people who achieved great results are inspiring me constantly, in whatever they do. Artists inspire me, politicians, fashion designers – anyone from Tom Ford to Jennifer Lopez!


Chanel or Prada?


Iphone or android? 


What’s the last app your downloaded?


What book are you reading?
At the moment I’m not reading any books but I like to watch the news every morning so I know what is going on in the whole world.


What 3 things can you not live without?
If we aren’t not speak about people i can’t leave without my phone, my calendar, my bags, my brand.


What’s your morning ritual?
A cup of Nescafé


What’s on your wish list right now?
An emerald Birkin and a strong partnership with someone who shares my passions for growing my business.


What’s the best advice you can give a business owner?
Take your time, plan, learn who your clients are. Make sure to study where the location for business will be and then ensure you have enough money. Even if this process takes one or more years, make sure you take the time to plan all these elements and then you will succeed.