Let’s Get Digital!

Teen Vogue  released its first-ever “digital covers,” featuring an array of young Hollywood starlets.

Photographed by Camila Falquez and styled by Jaime Kay Waxman, the covers feature actresses Bria Vinaite, Sasha Lane, Margaret Qualley, Ellie Bamber, Letitia Wright, Laura Harrier, Storm Reid and Awkwafina. In addition to being depicted as a group, each star was also given her own individual cover.

“In light of conversations about diversity and equality on and off the screen we’ve seen seismic shifts across the industry in the last year alone, and a new class of actors has been inspired and impacted by this changing climate,” Teen Vogue shared in a release. “In this year’s Young Hollywood package, Teen Vogue spotlights eight of the performers who are those breaking barriers, advocating for equality, fighting for better representation and using their art to challenge Hollywood’s regressive norms.”

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