Tell us about your quarantine experience?

I was visiting Jeddah for Umrah and work when the epidemic began, everything seemed to happen so fast. Thankfully, my family are in Jeddah, so we all went into lockdown together. 

I went from taking over 42 flights a year to being displaced and grounded, with nothing but the clothes on my back and a carry on. Here I am in Jeddah, 9 months later, just trying to make the best out of my situation and reaping the benefits of online shopping 😂

 What is your routine?

Since I am still in Jeddah and take social distancing seriously, I developed a proactive routine and I stick to it, I came to realize that is self love. When you are actively giving yourself self love everyday it gives you a sense of security and certainty. You know you got YOU, so whatever happens you are going to be ok.

I wake up and sleep at the same time everyday, and fill each day with work and taking online classes, plus I allocate a portion of my day to be there for someone else. I check in on others (especially my single friends, or those going through heartbreaks, job losses, losses of loved ones, depression etc. ) via phone calls, messages, etc. Basic human kindness. 

I also eat very clean, and used this period to go back on the alkaline diet which I was on last year. It makes you feel and look great. I take supplements and also do the Kinrgy online workout which is 20 minutes. I love reading and do that for a minimum of 30mins a day.

 What has this time taught you to value the most?

I feel this year tested me in many ways, with moments of inner struggle, pain for others suffering, pain for myself, uncertainty and lots of fear.

If I was ever tested to find the positive in a situation, it was now. 

I realized that there’s nothing I could do but to take one day at a time, to be really gentle with myself, and have full faith in a bigger plan that I couldn’t see. I like the phrase, ‘don’t fight the wave, ride the wave’.. I have also reprioritized my value system, with health and safety being the solid first on the list. What might have been our differing 2’s and 3’s, 2020 might have united a lot of us in its new contenders; 2. Genuine connection (with others/ a support system) and 3. Peace of mind.

Through this year’s unexpected storms, there have been powerful glimmers of calming light. So powerful, they have shifted us into a consciousness of unconditional love, support, gentleness, compassion and self awareness.

We miss you so much here in Dubai – what do you miss most about Dubai?

I miss all of you so much! I miss my life, my house, my friends, my clothes!

We know you’re an avid entrepreneur- what projects are you working on at the moment?

Due to coronavirus, my fashion brand and two other businesses were put on the back burner. So that gave me more time to focus online. I restarted my blog and gave it a makeover! I also created plenty of new fashion content shot here in Jeddah for Instagram, Tik Tok and the blog. 

What are the most asked questions that come through your social channels?

The most common questions were about beauty and style, however, recently that has transitioned into what to wear and eat at home, skincare, hair care, how to cope with the current situation, life goals, mental health.

Did you start up a TikTok channel yet?

Yes I have! I am one of their official creators and am so grateful for the response.

 What’s your message for everyone for 2021?

We are the creators of our own happiness and reality. What’s coming is better than what is gone. The past doesn’t equal the future. Fear is an illusion that robs us of all blessings. Personal growth, and contribution to others is true fulfillment. 

If we want to feel and do better, perhaps we should help others to feel and do better too.

— We love you Tamara xx

Photography by Ayaad Damouni using Hasselblad

Creative Direction by Meredith Damouni

Hair and Makeup by Nina Ubhi

Fashion from Etoile la Boutique

Jewellery from La Marquise

Shot at Capital D Studio

Production and post-production by Capital D Studio

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