Swarovski debuts at Dubai Design Week, represented by a specially commissioned outdoor installation by Emirati designer Zeinab Al Hashemi. The installation, will take a prominent position on display in d3, Dubai’s Design District, expresses Swarovski’s growing support for art and design innovation in the UAE.

Both Swarovski, and Dubai-based designer Al Hashemi’s work unites craftsmanship with innovation, making her a natural choice for this unique collaboration. Nestled amongst the towering steel and glass buildings of d3, Al Hashemi has set 33 hexagonal mirrored-steel structures with 1,145 Swarovski crystals and mirrored prisms. Mounted horizontally, and standing 1.5m high and 3m wide, the structures reveal an infinite series of kaleidoscopic views as the crystals reflect and refract the multicolored light. Faced with a shimmering, geometric mirage, visitors are challenged to interact with the reflections, exploring the connections between each other and the world around them.


Nadja Swarovski, Member of the Swarovski Executive Board, commented: “We are extremely pleased to collaborate with the innovative Emirati designer Zeinab Al Hashemi on her stunning hexalite installation. This playful kaleidoscopic piece is the perfect way to celebrate our debut at Dubai Design Week.”


In addition to Al Hashemi’s installation, Swarovski will be showcasing its inaugural collection for Atelier Swarovski Home at Dubai’s Downtown Design trade fair.