Sofia Al Asfnor’s coveted Shield bag now comes in Mini!


Amid the Arabian sands she stood tall, ready to venture on her long-aspired voyage of discovery. Her journey brought forth an amalgam of vibrant energy, enriching cultural experiences and a world of powerful challenges. She marched on, storm after storm, armed with deep-rooted passion, determination and a resilient will to push boundaries and give life to her vision. As she held on to her precious dream, compelled by resistance and self-belief, her vision arose like the phoenix from the ashes. At that moment in time, the Shield – with its pyramids of light, power and strength – arose with it. Returning to her desert roots with the Shield by her side, Sofia Al Asfoor put herself on a quest to share her creations with women of the world and unite them with a powerful statement. Today, as she stands on the precipice of womanhood, her adventures continue to inspire her. The fearless Shield, with its distinctive structures that reflect the highs and lows of her tireless journey, begins to write its own stories.