Lime Spa, PER AQUUM Desert Palm Resort

Not really one to go for body treatments believing in the undeniable rewards of a good old-fashioned run, I have to admit this treatment took my interest when I researched it online. 

The Shrinking Violet Body Wrap is a pain-free ‘inch-loss’ treatment that works on body heat, activating the active phospholipid solution within the treatment to easily absorb through the skin and reduce the size of fat cells sitting under the upper layers of skin so that they can be easily flushed from the body. There was no promise of a weight-loss but a definite reduction in fat under the epidermis and improvement of the appearance of the skin,

Loosing inches while doing nothing seemed a promise simply too good to be true, so I took up the offer to give the treatment a try. 

I have to admit that the treatment itself, is almost a non-event in the sense that it is extremely simple. A blend of essential olds and active phospholipid solution is simply rubbed all over the body and then a layer of what seems like cling film is wrapped tightly on all parts of the body to increase body heat stimulating the active ingredients in the treatment – picture a sci-fi moment as you can’t bend your knees or elbows once you’re all wrapped up. 

Of course you are thoroughly measured before the treatment so that the after effects can be easily monitored.

This really is a no-effort at all treatment. Once the wrap is applied you simple lie down and take a nap for 90 minutes.

During this time I forfeited the foot and head massage for a facial which turned out to be absolutely brilliant and an introduction to the Hungarian, Eminence Skin Care line, used at the spa – totally organic and highly recommended – a beautiful, highly rejuvenating facial that I would go back for.

One your are ’cooked’ the cling film is removed and you are once again measured. Surprisingly I lost a total of 8.5cm, an average of 1.25cm per each part of my body. For the next three days the active ingredient keeps working (or until you take a shower) and the more water you drink, the more you flush.

Best results are seen after 6 weekly session but I was really surprised at how good the results of just one treatment were. 

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