Shiseido Launches ‘Rouge Rouge Kiss Me’ App


Shiseido dives into the digital app pond, lips first! Launching a new digital experience, Rouge Rouge Kiss Me, which corresponds with the global launch of its 16-color Rouge Rouge lipstick collection  to create an interactive moment with fans of the brand. How? By a virtual kiss! You can be in different cities, states, or countries, and pucker up simultaneously for a virtual smacker, Ruba Abu-Nimah, global creative director of Shiseido, explained to WWD.

Here’s how it works: Head to and enter your details for a personalized link to send to your significant other. Then you both find your shade of Rouge Rouge and get some lip action going. From there, you can create a gif to share socially. It’s a fun flirt to connect with your BFF, girlfriend, sister, boyfriend, or husband…

“To share the moment is the point, and social media is getting faster and faster, so we thought it should be in real time,” Abu-Nimah said to WWD.

Rouge Rouge Kiss Me goes live today in Japanese, Chinese, English and French.