In an age of virtual reality and online life, many people consider a rich sensorial experience to be more important and more valuable than any luxurious possessions they could acquire. This point of view has long represented the Japanese aesthetic. Now, with the renewal of Shiseido Future Solution LX, the five senses are called upon to participate in the genuine, holistic human experience of richness in skincare. 

Since ancient times, Japanese people have been captivated by the invisible but obvious power that exists in every natural creation. Japanese legends portray this in the form of deities—the god of wind, the god of lightning, even spirits that live in trees. A spiritual connection with the forces of nature is a very real part of the fabric of Japanese life. It creates the sense of caring and respect for all living things that is inherent in Japanese culture. Every day one lives this way, one experiences more of the beauty of nature, and one’s inner life becomes more enriched. A way of life that sparks a genuine radiance in a person. An energized form of beauty that comes through from within, and grows. 

Future Solution LX is based on this Japanese concept of living, energetic beauty. Its technology breaks through previous limitations.
The pleasure it offers transcends cultural boundaries, engaging the five senses in a revelatory experience of skincare. Using it makes a clearly perceivable difference.

Future Solution LX brings out your skin’s inherent beauty, and stimulates its innate ability to improve itself. With time, skin keeps getting better and better. And the simple act of caring for your skin becomes a precious personal gift—a way to cherish your skin, and the radiant life force within it.

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