Adding yet another notch to her already stylish belt the, style icon Sarah Jessica Parker  has now turned her hand to jewellery design, collaborating with London-based fine jewellery designer Kat Florence on The Flawless Diamonds Collection.

“There is so much that goes into jewellery,” said Parker told us of the design process. “It is so personal. As an actor I have to remove all of my jewellery in order to take on the characters I play. I get to a trailer for work every day and I have to take off my jewellery to play a character, to be someone else. To me, jewellery is a very special choice.”

Launching on November 5, the new collection is split into four initial “chapters” or styles, each celebrating different techniques and decades of design. The designs will only be available in limited runs—reportedly 10 to 15 per style

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