When The Geissens came to town we got the exclusive sit down and shoot with model in the making, Shania.

Who are you?

I am Shania Tyra Maria Geiss, I am 12 years old, living in Monaco and travelling a lot around the world. I was born in St. Tropez and my parents are German..


Why should we follow your instagram?

You should follow my instagram so you can see what I am doing, where I am and a lot more.
Follow me on shania_geiss


What has been the highlight of 2016 for you?

Recently having my braces removed. When I am with my family on a world trip on our boat, Along with many inspirations on our tour around the world.


Tell us about your show?

My family and I do a reality show around the world. We travel to lots of places and learn a lot about them, Traveling around is a really great experience.


How did it come about?

My parents started the reality show when I was 6.


Do you enjoy it?

I do enjoy traveling around the world because I see new things.


How would you describe yourself in three words?

I am Shania.


When you visited Dubai what were the major stand-out attractions of the city that took your attention?

Desert Quad tour and my photoshoot with D-Journal.


Who are your last three downloaded tracks on your phone?

Carmen Geiss ‘Der burner’, Drake, Fetty Wap


What was the last app your downloaded?



What is your favourite website?

Wikipedia, because I use it for school and Roberto Geissini.


How do you see your role as an inspiration to other young girls?

Please ask them and let me know.


How important is fashion to you?

Very important.


Who is your favorite fashion designer?

My favorite fashion designer is Karl Lagerfeld.


What does 2017 have in store for you?

To continue my work as a model and work with my father for the designing of his brand.


Where can we follow you?

Instagram: Shania_geiss
Musically: Shania__geiss
Snapchat: Shania_257


Any plans to come back to Dubai?

Yes, when ever it is possible.


Who would you most like to meet in 2017?
Karl Lagerfeld