During the Ramadan break I was inspired to live a bit healthier and decided to let the experts at Right Bite handle it by providing a personalized meal plan according to my specific need, general weight loss. After a lengthy phone call with Right Bite’s dietician, it was decided that the Low Carb plan was perfect for the results I was after.

The Low Carb package is designed for those looking for a diet that is higher in protein and lower in carbs yet still balanced, and nutrient dense. This meal plan is optimized to reduce your carb intake and boost your proteins without spiking the fat and calorie requirements. The variety, flexibility and support they offer makes the approach sustainable so you no longer need to think twice about maintaining a healthy low-carb lifestyle.

Example of daily meal choice.

After being sent an extensive menu of choices and selecting the ones I favored, I was ready to get my meal plan week started. Each morning I was delivered prepared daily meals to my door in a cooler bag, easy for travel to work and on-the-go. I was super surprised as the portion sizes were substantial and found myself still being able to eat things that are favorites of mine like Spaghetti Bolognese and Fajita’s. Winning.

After just one week there was a substantial difference in the way my jeans fit (yep I measure myself with my jeans, not a fan of the dreaded scale) and how I felt in regards of energy and general well being. Not once during this time did I find myself hungry and quite often had some snacks or side dishes left over. Winning again.

If you are wanting to try out the Low Carb Meal plan or are curious about the other plans available, pop online at right-bite.com or email info@right-bite.com where the dietitians can advise you which plan is suited to you and your lifestyle.


Words by Tara Ellis.