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Prada Olfactories fragrances

Tailor-made for the customers to dream and make it their reality, these new fragrances, 10 in the collection, are designed in a not-so-traditional way of perfume-making or selling. Each of these eau de parfums, from the broad, unisex sensory compilation housed in gorgeous clear-glass flaçons that comes in specified Prada-stamped silk pouches and collages, seem to make a statement on their own. However, they were made with an expansive base of general consumers in mind, and for them to draw their own stories after experiencing the scents. That may sound a bit esoteric, but, according to perfumer Daniela Andrier, “the accompanying visual collages on each of the fragrances represent a dream. Dreams are really impressions when you awake. The colors and feeling are all broken up in one’s mind, and that’s how these fragrances were constructed—that these are possibly memories that belong to them, the consumers.”