BD Barcelona Design is celebrating creativity from the Arab world through the PostCraft Collection. Designed by four Arab designers, the collection was launched in Dubai at The Odd Piece.
Inspired by the value of local talent and artisanal skills, PostCraft merges design and heritage, innovation and tradition to present contemporary, high quality designs that nourish contemporary design archives with remarkable works. PostCraft brings BD Barcelona Design together with art and design establishments from the Gulf for this collaborative exhibition.
Curated by Samer Yamani, a Syrian-Spanish designer based in Barcelona, the collection contains the work of Her Highness Sheikha Hind Majid Al Qassimi from UAE (supported by The Odd Piece), Architect Maysam Al Nasser from Bahrain (supported by Alriwaq Art Space), Interior Designer Loula Al Radwan from Kuwait (supported by Contemporary Art Platform) and the Gazzaz Brothers from Jeddah (supported by Athar Gallery), along with five remarkable pieces from Barcelona Design’s permanent collection of Salvador Dali, Antonio Gaudi and Jaime Hayon.

Explaining the relevance of the project, Samer Yamani says, “The design market in general and the Arab Design market in particular is awash with designs and products that reflect the local culture and crafts in a superficial way. PostCraft is an attempt to draw the creative scene of the Gulf’s Post-Oil era, the major economic shift in the region that will definitely affect all cultural and creative aspects. We see before us a future favouring simplicity, quality, unique and varied local design tendency that will not only preserve local values and culture, but feed the global desire for diversity feeding our yearning for cross-cultural relationships, inspiration and mutual understanding.”

H.E.Hind Al Qassimi

Commissioned by The Odd Piece, Sheikha Hind’s ‘Is-Dher’ is her interpretation of the three historical periods- pre, during and post-oil era, that have defined the Middle East, in form of a collection of vases. She is a UAE-based entrepreneur and the founder of ‘Designed by Hind’, which focuses on producing collections of bespoke crockery that has become of the region’s leading brands of porcelain.

Loulwa Al Radwan
Maysam Al Nasser

Following the launch, the PostCraft Collection exhibition will tour the GCC, including BD Barcelona Design establishments in Dubai, Jeddah, Kuwait and Bahrain.

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