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Corrado Dalcò was born in Italy. In 1992 he moved to Berlin, Barcelona and London, finding immediate success as a fashion photographer for magazines and advertising campaign such as Levi’s, Coca-Cola, Nose, Sisley Kids and more. Corrado divides his time between his artistic endeavours and commercial work for the advertising and publishing industries as a fashion/advertising photographer and film director. Among others, his work has been featured on i-D UK, WallPaper, Whitelies magazine, Metal Magazine and Artribune.

You started as graphic designer. Who or what made you get into photography?

Since I was young I had a strong attraction to everything that is visual. Castles and museums were the places that I preferred to visit during the holidays. In those moments, I could find a balance with myself and a strong inner peace. I imagine what I saw and dreamed about the endless lives that had intersected those places and those objects. Since then the sea has always been a highly evocative component; an element that gives me a sense of freedom and reassures me. When I was attending the art school I wanted to be a cartoonist… I used to take the camera with me to every concert. I soon realized it was a great way to meet interesting people. For a long time I mainly deal with fashion, but personal research and works with art take more and more time now.

How can you describe your personal photography style?

It’s about the constant search for Beauty meant as the essence of uniqueness. There is nothing more attractive than a person who loves what he really is, exposing and exalting his own fragility and “perfect imperfections”. I love skin, I obsess the narrative capacity that has a naked body, I find that there is nothing more tender and reassuring. I like to kick people in an intimate environment, often my bedroom. I love to watch how their bodies move and how the candor of their skins changes according to the topics we face. The photographic act is a delicate moment of extreme trust between the subject and the photographer. Photography makes you look without filters who you are and what you are going through. It is not a question of body and exteriority. A look, breath rhythm, body movement can tell a lot more than you can think of.

The fashion photography industry is very competitive – what techniques did you use to make yourself stand out?

My unusual way of looking at things, being always directed, my frankness, my ability to be unexpected, sometimes even ruthless, and the ever-transparent transparency of my visual compositions. My attitude, joy and curiosity that lead me to create original works.

Truth. Every creative action of substance must come to you. You have to put yourself in front of the mirror and know who you are. When you are who you are, your person becomes an anchor of salvation in which to sprout the seed of creativity. What comes from the heart touches the heart of those around you.

What makes you hungry for shootings?

I don’t go out every day with the camera in my hand. When I walk around the city, embarrassment often attracts me, but that means that in the rare moments I can overcome, I see in a single clarity what surrounds me, meaning that I can finally take a picture.

What is the most memorable photo shoot you are proud of?

Each job brings to it a unique and unrepeatable experience, always different in the way I approach it and for the multitude of people I work with. At this moment I remember the Jacuzzi campaign, a very nice editorial shot in Scotland, and my campaigns for Sisley Kids.

You lived in Italy, then Berlin, Barcelona and London… What is the most inspiring city for you to work as a photographer?

I have lived in several cities in Europe at different times of my life. I can not tell which city inspired me more, but I can say that each one has formed what I am now. Each of these cities has peculiarities that have formed my character, but if I had to say where I spent more time I can say London and Milan, which in some ways I find them very similar, one for its tie with fashion, another for its creative aura.

What is your biggest dream as a photographer?

Take a picture that can capture the nature of what I have before, and at the same time the precise feelings of that instant, of that place, of that moment.

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