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How long did it take you to become a professional photographer?
I started shooting on film when I was nine years old – over the years photography grew to be my biggest passion in life, especially influenced by the field’s transition to digital. Since discovering my love for post-production, I have been working a lot on enhancing my own photos. As Malcolm Gladwell says, it takes someone at least 10,000 hours (of experience) before they are professional at something, and I’d fully agree with this from my opinion.

What has been the proudest moment of your career so far?
I wouldn’t say I have one “proudest moment,” rather a feeling of happiness. When I look back at my years of being self-employed, the path life has led me on and what I’ve achieved, I feel deeply thankful for everything I have.What are the best and worst things about being a fashion photographer?
Best: Travelling.
Worst: ?!

What inspires you? Are there any things you do to get inspired before a shoot?
Nature, emotions, music, conversations, other photographers, books, art, culture… Everything can be inspiring, even when you’re feeling at your worst – take your actual condition and express it if you can. The best feeling before a shoot: When you have a team that understands and is willing to share and work with your current state of mind to convey or communicate a certain feeling through the images.

Is there anyone you have not photographed yet, but you’d love to?
My father. I have not been brave enough to take a photo of him so far. My own expectations and fears have kept me from doing so, but the thought is always on my mind and there will be the right time for doing it.

What makes you yearn for more photo shoots?
I have strong urges for creative work and production, so it’s just my normal condition to crave the next shoot.

What is the one place on the earth where you would love to have a shoot?

How can you describe you photography style in three words?
Peculiarity meets beauty.

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