This collection focuses on the concept of bringing our grandfather’s fathers’ cultures and embedding it with today’s culture where the Masbaha has become an everyday accessory. By incorporating the serenity of our past cultures with the modernity of our current lives, we manage to still keep our traditional cultures in a modern, practical way.”  Ayah Al Bitar

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Saudi Designer Ayah Al Bitar just launched ‘The Masbaha’ collection. With a true sense of exquisiteness and luxury, this newly launched product offers the ultimate traditional yet modern twist on the classic Masbaha. The story of the Masbaha in general through time has come to represent not only a religious accessory, but a cultural one too. With different colors of strings, and hand-made ends, each one has its own unique Al Bitar design. The Masbaha’s main story is to be able to merge traditions of our culture with the modernity of our current times; with her whimsical touch, Ayah has done that and then some!

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