Ultima Gstaad, the town’s newest boutique luxury hotel that prides itself on its discreetness and exclusivity (which we can also take to mean a Kardashian-free zone). Guests are encouraged to create their own experience, so you can arrange for intimate parties with friends or hole up for a detox.

Located inside the heart of Gstaad Village, Ultima Gstaad’s three separate chalets respect the codes of traditional Swiss architecture with an understated nod towards sleek modernity. The hotel sits in between views of lush greenery and snow covered mountain peaks that are nearly impossible to peel your eyes away from. While oozing with classic charm on the outside, the interior dazzles with exquisite newness. The lobby’s floor-to-ceiling chandelier lights the way towards the bar area for a welcome cocktail, and the entrance towards each of the hotel’s 11 suites that are designed to make guests feel at home, with cozy fireplaces, ample closet space, and the kind of luxe, but not-at-all sparse, furnishing that doesn’t forgo supreme at-home comfort.

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For an extra at-home feeling, guests can move right into one of the property’s six residences with friends of family—there’s plenty of space to lounge or entertain guests. Whichever type of accommodation you choose, there’s an emphasis on tailor-made hospitality services

If you don’t book your stay at Ultima Gstaad for the usual reasons—to hit the slopes or for some R&R—consider it an ideal retreat for a brides or grooms to-be, the perfect baby moon sans unpasteurized cheese, or during the summer when there’s no shortage of fresh mountain air activities. Horseback riding, golf, tobogganing, canyoning, fishing, mountain climbing, or trekking with animals can all be arranged by your butler while the grass is still green. One thing to note about that green grass: for thousands of years it’s only ever been trimmed by a blade, which is can account for the soil being extra rich, in turn making the meat and produce healthier and more delicious.

If this has enticed you to book a luxe trip away ASAP, you can find more information and booking details here.