Say goodbye to drooping eyes after very late nights and back-to-back meetings. Adios to running eyeliner and eyeshadow that transfers to the upper eyelid. The solution is within reach! Guerlain presents its new Eye-Stay Primer.

Apply this eye primer before make-up and miracles happen: your cosmetics stay in place all day long and the eyes remain fresh and radiant. And there’s no need for touch-ups if you’re heading on to a dinner or night out – your make-up will be impeccable. Light pigments combined with smoothing, lifting active ingredients work as both an eye primer for flawless make-up and an active day cream to soften fine lines and minor blemishes. Its universal shade adapts to all skin tones.

A single application from the corner of the eye to the eyebrow will brighten and intensify the eyes. As a result, applied alone, the Eye-Stay Primer smoothes the eyelid, fills in irregularities and minor fine lines and evens skin colour for more open and rested eyes. Used as a clever base, it improves eye make-up hold throughout the day.


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