Virgil Abloh made his debut as the creative director of Louis Vuitton on Thursday with a packed audience filled with front-row celebrities, friends, and thousands of admiring design students. Known for constantly sharing his work in progress with his followers on social media, Abloh shared a few of his designs ahead of the runway show. The quick glimpses were mainly accessories, including sneakers, bags, jewelry and sunglasses, adding more fuel to the hype surrounding the French house’s new hire.

Abloh remixed the luxury brand’s signature duffle bags in white, a holographic hue, transparent green and a buttery camel color — each adorned with matching porcelain-like chains. We also saw garter bags, backpacks, chest packs, utility belts and vests adorned with ample zipper pockets.

Take a close-up look at our picks of Abloh’s first collection of sneakers and accessories for Louis Vuitton:












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