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Nadia Tehran – Superstars

Growing up in a Muslim Iranian family in a small Christian town in Sweden, Nadia Tehran explores the limits of personal and political identity. From her Life is Cheap, Death is Free EP “Superstars” tackles alienation and political silence, with an orchestral backing that is sure to give you the odd chills here and there.

Nadia explains; “The video is about this superstar in exile. I wanted to portray this feeling of alienation, to know that you are great in a place where you’re not recognized. Starting over with the past always present. It’s about being in an environment where you can’t fit in, no matter how hard you try you know you still stand out. Still, nobody sees you. When you flee from your country you leave a whole life behind, a context where you mean something to someone. When you come to a place, a context that you don’t recognize and that don’t understand you, nobody knows who you are. It’s about being the only thing that’s right in a world full of errors. The song contains a sample from the song “Kavir” by the Persian superstar Googoosh, one of the greatest singers of all time. After the revolution in Iran 1979 she was forbidden to perform and her music got banned. She is the voice of a generation lost, the face of a culture that the power tried to kill, and the soundtrack of a time that we carry in our broken hearts. I’ve always been very inspired by her.”