Yves Klein was a pioneer of contemporary art. And to honor his achievements—fittingly, on the 90th anniversary of his birth—an interactive retrospective, “Yves Klein—The Interactive Exhibition: The Vibration of Color,” will run from July 6 to Sept. 30 in the late artist’s hometown Nice, France.

But what sets this exhibit apart from others is that Klein’s artworks have been digitalized in 3D and in ultra-HD, allowing viewers to intimately engage with the pieces. Manipulate scenography with movements, virtually spin Klein’s blue sponge sculptures, and discover his Anthropometries with hand gestures.

In 1957, on the opening of his exhibit “Yves le Monochrome,” Klein released 1,001 balloons into the sky, calling it the “Aerostatic Sculpture.” Sixty-one years later, the “Vibrations of Color” exhibit invites viewers to honor that unforgettable moment by downloading 1,001 virtual blue and white balloons onto their phone as a symbolic gesture of balloons floating across Nice.




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