With the introduction of Montblanc M in 2015, Montblanc defined a new aesthetic language with a design from Marc Newson resulting in a writing instrument influenced by the fluid and pure organic forms synonymous with his style. The creative collaboration between the Maison and the pioneering designer captured the spirit of the moment with modernity, while establishing new codes of elegance for tomorrow.  In its mission to continuously evolve the writing experience and push the boundaries of design, Montblanc is releasing Montblanc M Ultra Black, an evolution of Montblanc M from both an aesthetic as well as a functional perspective. The Maison has meticulously enriched the original Montblanc M with a distinctive new texture, a touch of bright orange and an ingenious magnetic mechanism to complete this ever-evolving writing icon.

The timelessly elegant and high-performing Montblanc M Ultra Black pairs Montblanc’s iconic design cues with Newson’s trademark biomorphic style. Like the original creation, Montblanc M Ultra Black retains distinctive design elements of a Montblanc writing instrument including the use of black precious resin and the iconic white emblem. While the shape of Montblanc M stands out with a “plateau” at the end of the writing instrument, the fluidity of the overall design is achieved by avoiding breaks in the pure lines of the shape. Thus, the Montblanc emblem made of white precious resin is ultrasonically welded onto the plateau to form a perfectly flat surface, while the platinum-plated clip is mounted invisibly into the cap to not interrupt the design flow.

A new matt finish achieved by sand-blasting the precious resin surface of the cap and barrel enhances the perfectly balanced form of the writing instrument. In homage to Marc Newson’s signature colour, bright orange is featured as a design detail, accentuating the pure lines. When it comes to function, the ingenious use of magnets is a defining feature of Montblanc M with the magnetic closing of the cap and barrel allowing perfect alignment of the clip to the innovative “plateau” at the barrel end, as well as a snap mechanism to smoothen the closure and ensure the cap remains firmly in place. An additional magnetic field has been added to Montblanc M Ultra Black to hold the cap on the plateau while writing.  For an optimal writing experience, the ruthenium-plated metal forepart perfectly balances the weight of the writing instrument. The AU585 gold nib of the writing instrument is plated in two tones, using both rhodium and ruthenium.

Every design element comes together to deliver a multi-sensorial sensory writing experience, making Montblanc M Ultra Black a piece to be seen, felt and heard all at once.


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