Banish wrinkles and replenish your skin with the moisturising Fillerina Plus Day Cream.

With summer being already here, it means that our skin is now more susceptible to wrinkles and dark spots, which are commonly caused by the harmful rays of the sun. Hence, it becomes essential to include an effective anti-aging cream, such as the Fillerina Plus Day Cream, in your daily skincare routine.

This derma-cosmetic daily filler treatment cream is designed to moisturise, protect and replenish your entire face and neck without leaving it feeling too greasy or sticky. Formulated with 8 Hyaluronic Acid (HA) molecules, as opposed to the usual 6 HA molecules found in the regular Fillerina treatments, Fillerina Plus Day Cream is designed to correct deep set wrinkles caused by aging. It also helps in reducing the appearance fine lines and make your skin feel more supple and soft by penetrating deep in to your skin. To provide the most effective and suitable treatment for the specific condition of your skin and its cutaneous tissues, Fillerina Plus Day Cream is available in two different dosages, Grades 4 and 5. While Grade 4 is targeted for remediating evident relaxation and sagging of tissues, Grade 5 is suited for repairing the tissues of more mature skin.

We suggest using it in conjunction with the other Fillerina products within a daily skin routine such as the Fillerina Plus Night Cream.

Fillerina is the result of 5 years of research at Labo Cosprophar Suisse, renowned for its expertise, high standards of clinical safety and ability to bring best-in-class products to the cosmetic industry and consumers. Fillerina Plus Night Cream is available at all leading pharmacies across the UAE and is priced at AED 449 (Grade 4) and AED 499 (Grade 5).  For more information please visit