exposition ICI de Jean-Pierre RAYNAUD au MAMO
Sponsored by Longchamp, French artist Jean-Pierre Raynaud’s exhibition ‘Ici’ opens at MAMO, the Art
Center of the “Cité Radieuse” in Marseille (France).
Jean-Pierre Raynaud is the fifth artist to be invited by the MAMO (Marseille Modulor).
Its terrace and gymnasium have been redeveloped by Ora Ito into an art center. With the support of
Longchamp, MAMO continues its annual exhibitions, inviting world-renowned artists, able to master
imposing spaces and to measure themselves to this unique and extra-ordinary place.
exposition ICI de Jean-Pierre RAYNAUD au MAMO
exposition ICI de Jean-Pierre RAYNAUD au MAMO
exposition ICI de Jean-Pierre RAYNAUD au MAMO
For MAMO, Jean-Pierre Raynaud has conceived a single gesture, a single piece. A monumental
17m arrow, placed horizontally upon the terrace, pointing towards the gymnasium « I have
made an exhibition for the birds, not for people. This rooftop terrace reminds me of an aircraft carrier,
a landing strip for flying saucers, I wish to see it from above. The arrow, black like a shadow, will point
to the MAMO, containing my treasures, a series of works fundamental to the history of my career.
The arrow says « it’s here » this is where it’s happening but it’s also saying « it’s me », as an acceptable
form of vanity, as a form of ambition and not pretension. I lay a sign upon the architecture to confront
it to my personal scale ».
For this occasion, Longchamp creative director Sophie Delafontaine and artist Jean-Pierre Raynaud,
collaborated in designing a limited-edition scarf sold exclusively in the Longchamp Pop-up store at the
MAMO and select boutiques in France.

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