Louis Vuitton will aid the work of Unicef for a third consecutive year through the sale of its silver Lockit bracelets in florescent colourways. The bracelets, which retail for £175, £100 of which is donated to Unicef, have raised $5 million on behalf of Unicef since the 2016 launch.

The funds have provided children in Syria and neighbouring countries with safe drinking water, food, sanitation facilities and medical care, along with clothing and blankets for the winter months. Unicef predicts that the partnership facilitated the life-saving provision of water to one and a half million children and their families in 2017.

The silver locket design is inspired by the tumbler lock invented by Georges Vuitton in 1890 to protect his clients’ belongings. The symbol of protection was chosen to signify the brand’s promise to help children in urgent need.

To make a donation to Syrian children, visit Support.unicef.org/lvforunicef

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