Got $9,000 to spare for a fragrance? Same.

Chanel’s latest perfume, N°5 L’Eau is undergoing a $9,000 transformation. The Lily-Rose Depp-fronted scent will launch a very exclusive collectable edition at the beginning of November. Arriving in a white lambskin case, it will contain a full 900ml of fragrance and its bottle will be crafted out of crystal glass, cut using the same technique commonly called upon to shape diamonds.
On the outside, this means that the bottle will reflect light to dazzling effect. On the inside, the technique’s laser-precision allows for the liquid fragrance to be suspended in a unique interior chamber that Chanel has said it’s sealing with a high-tech material akin to skin in order to keep the scent smelling fresh.
Only 15 bottles in total will be released and the purchase of just one bottle will set you back a cool $9,250.