London Bookstore Heywood Hill Will Curate Your Library To Perfection


The tiny London shop, Heywood Hill curates impressive collections and custom libraries and book sets for customers in 60 different countries and gets you what you desire. Opened in 1936 by Heywood Hill himself, the store is now owned by the store’s current manager Nicky Dunne’s father-in-law, the 12th Duke of Devonshire.

Let’s say you moved to a new house with an empty library, they are the people you call to curate the perfect library based on you and your unique personality, personal interests and hobbies. Or you have a specific interest in a certain topic, they can create you a collection on the topic with the first prints to the newest editions, designed for you and your loved ones. Is there a better gift than the gift of knowledge?



Visit Heywood Hill at 10 Curzon St, London.