Influencer Dee By Dalia teams up with stylist Jeff Aoun to celebrate LaLaQueen’s iconic Dr. Bag.

LaLaQueen nods to the success of the brand through the influence of popular culture that has led to the likes of personalities such as Amal Clooney and Neha Dhupia carrying the signature collection.  This exciting development of popular culture is what seems to be influencing global fashionistas’ rush to visit and explore the amazing variety on offer.

The beauty of the LaLaQueen Dr. Bags can be gauged from their architectural framework including the shape and size. “My bags are unique and timeless pieces, all handmade in Lebanon. We’re also advocates of sustainability,” Sarieddine said. “This is another reason why our bags are adored by those who have them.”

In order to achieve sustainable results, Sarieddine prefers to use material such as brass and genuine leather, which are finished in a natural way in order to maintain the look and feel, and also to make it age gracefully.

Moreover, the colour paradigm is vital for Sarieddine to work on.

For Sarieddine, the essence of inspiration means staying connected with nature, architecture, books, cultures, people and beauty. “It all helps me weave stories in my mind, and find ways to express them in shapes and colors. Being Lebanese, my heritage is filled with beautiful stories and inspiring sites so it’s easy for me to be influenced by lots of unknowns. I love it.”

LaLaQueen bags perfectly suit those women who are trendsetters in their own way. “She is someone who is confident and speaks her mind and has a big heart, an inspiration to those around her,” Sarieddine said.

Middle Eastern women are certainly leading the race with their fashionable lifestyles. “They’ve set some international standards in the fashion and style industry. Besides, we have many famous designers who have reached an international audience,” she said.


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