After 14 years spent on the New York runways, Lacoste returned to show in Paris.

The spring-summer 2018 collection, inspired by two antagonistic films of the mid-90s, freely combine the street codes of La Haine by Mathieu Kassovitz with the ‘bourgeois’ normcore ones of Eric Rohmer’s Conte d’été.

It’s a sports-inspired urban wardrobe, fit for all contemporary lifestyles. A timeless style, seen through a playful eye, for a new attitude as radiant as it is offbeat.

To celebrate the abundance of diversity, Felipe Oliveira Baptista draws inspiration from French cinema, one of his first windows through which he peered into french culture. The notion of play primes here. Felipe Oliveira Baptista no longer treats the heritage as sacrosanct and humorously mixes up the ‘bourgeois’ and sports codes adopted by the street.

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