Pia Arrobio launched her eponymous label of ready-to-wear apparel, which debuted on Revolve last Thursday. In the months leading up to LPA‘s birth, Arrobio had left her job as a designer at Reformation, all set to move to Spain to take a position at Zara, but things quickly changed after she met with Gerona, Raissa Gerona, co-founder of Alliance Apparel, which owns LPA, and the VP of brand marketing and strategic partnerships at Revolve. LPA, short for Lara Pia Arrobio, is a culmination of everything the 29-year-old designer has learned over the years working in different areas of the fashion industry. A real brand for real bodies, and hey if it’s good enough for Emily Ratajkowski it’s good enough for us!

The line is available online on Revolve and the brand’s own e-commerce site. Come holiday, Arrobio will launch jewelry, and plans to release bags and shoes next summer.