In this new collection, titled “Slut From The Future”, Kaimin combines its signature bondage and punk elements with an exceedingly vibrant color scheme and innovative materials to present a vision of the future where gender boundaries are intentionally deemphasized and the wearer is empowered by the unapologetic comfort with their sexuality without the clothes appearing vulgar. This collection clearly displays the brand’s youthful ruckus with three unique subgroups: i) the distinctly-KAIMIN structured silhouettes in iridescent PVC and new-for-this-season high-tech “liquid” fabrics that appear fluid when moving; ii) the lush tulle ruffles pieces in bright acid hues, which, for the campaign, are presented with shibariinspired rope bondage underneath, turning extreme sexuality into distilled femininity; iii) and, the newly conceived “motosport” category, which propels elements of motorcycle gear into the robotic realm and transforms the masculine into the provocatively feminine using sharp angles, aggressive cuts, and bright neon accents.

The ‘18 S/S campaign was photographed by KT Auleta with makeup by Sil Bruinsma and hair by Joey George.


About Kaimin:

In today’s multitasking, multihyphenated generation, Kaimin, the South Korean-born polymath stands alone.  Working as conceptual artist, creative and visual director, designer, film director and actress in her homeland and in the West; she traverses different mediums as effortlessly as she crosses cultural boundaries. Perhaps this is down to her unceasing need to communicate her message, proclaiming, “My work is never derived to deliver a specific message to people but it’s a natural extension of my interests and motivations – it’s closer to delivering a message to myself.” For Kaimin, the potency of her work comes in the balance of Yin and Yang, obsessed as she is with creating harmony between two opposites.

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