While we were sleeping… Jeanne Damas has branched out from clothing into cosmetics. Damas founded her now beloved French brand Rouje two and a half years ago, after cementing a rep with the fashion crowd, the French beauty now will introduce her signature red hue as part of a collection for Rouje cosmetics.

Launching with five lipstick bullets and a four-shade palette, Damas has created the perfect combination of creamy textures, matte finishes and colours that can enhance a woman’s natural beauty. “When I was younger, around 12, I was a skater so I was more into black eyes,” she tells Vogue at a preview of the range. “I remember the first time I applied red lipstick, I was quite shocked, but afterwards I continued and now I never get tired of it. When you’re used to it, it’s like a natural blush. It’s like protection for me. But it’s not always red, I have a lot of nude, brown and natural colours I love too.”

“It takes a long time to do cosmetics because you have to test for allergies, for texture, for colour. We began a year ago with the lipsticks. All the girls in the office tried them for four months. It’s not like clothing because when you apply the lipsticks, it’s not always the same colour.”

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