It designer Simon Porte Jacquemus will move from the runway to the real world this spring with a takeover of the French city of Marseille as part of its annual OpenMyMed festival. On May 13, he’ll have 32 models in looks from his impeccably tailored, very hat-centric Spring 2017 collection walk across a 60-foot tall concrete footbridge linking the Place d’Armes to the Museum for Europe and the Mediterranean, which sounds terrifying for any models with a fear of heights but spectacular for everyone else. The best part? The show will be open to the public. Assuming, of course, you can find your way to Marseille.

“If I’d had the choice, [the Spring 2017 collection] Les Santons de Provence is not a collection I would have shown in Paris. I would have liked to have presented it in the South of France, so I wanted to offer it to Marseilles, and it’s the city’s first ever fashion show, which I feel very proud about,” Jacquemus explained at a press event this week. “I grew up 40 minutes away from Marseilles, but I was obsessed with the place. I would take three buses to get there to go swimming. If you look at the sea there, you think you’re in Greece. It’s really special to me.”

But wait, there’s much more; Jacquemus will also present sculptures, photography, and a film made in conjunction with performance artist Willi Dorner and photographer David Luraschi at the Musée d’art contemporain de Marseille. The cement sculptures, part of an exhibition called “Maison” address the designer’s obsession with round and square forms. They will be on view from May 12 to Jan. 14, 2018, alongside the film and photography, which are part of an exhibition called “Archives.”

From May 13 to July 31, Jacquemus will also take over a nearby 12th century chapel of the Order of Malta for “Images,” a collection of photos and videos taken on his iPhone and projected on the 32-foot high walls. The idea is to give viewers an exclusive glimpse into the life and mind of one of today’s top designers.

Jacquemus has dubbed the suite of events “Marseille je t’aime,” and is in the process of creating a corresponding image-based book featuring the work of some of his favorite artists and photographers, including Pierre-Ange Carlotti and David Luraschi.