Phillip Nuveen is an artist who likes to do things on a miniature scale, Currently based in New York he has a mini world scattered around every nook and cranny of his apartment.“I think there is something so captivating about how the human mind processes scale. We seem to enjoy things that are above and below the everyday metric that we are used to” he says.

Nuveen is inspired by the world of luxury and authentic craftsmanship, “A futuristic Chanel boutique sits on my coffee table, and my dream corporate high-rise headquarters greets me every morning on my nightstand,” Thus making him the perfect fit to create a series of tiny Miu Miu bags, “I really enjoy the playful whimsy of Miu Miu,” he muses. “I feel that the brand always pushes the envelope, always daring with colour, texture and design.”

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Photography by Agnus Lloyd-Platt