Daniel Lee’s new vision for Bottega Veneta is precisely what the fashion doctor prescribed. Filling a void by the loss of old Celine, the new Bottega is quickly but surely becoming the most sought after luxury brand these past few months. In the third quarter of fiscal 2019, sales were up 9.8% as reported and 6.9% on a comparable basis to €284.3 million (about $315.8 million). Most of that growth came directly from Bottega stores, where comparable sales were up 7.5% — strongest in North America and Western Europe.

Lee’s Spring 2020 collection already appears to be in high demand from buyers. The amount of love this collection is getting is astonishing. The simple yet intricate design of the leather goods has earned them first row privilege during the past fashion week season. It appears that the demand for class is back. The luxe, minimalist nature of Lee’s aesthetic has drawn swaths of old Celine enthusiasts, and the numbers are on the rise by the second. Sharp cuts, feminine yet masculine elements, a wardrobe fit for a traveler, a wardrobe fit for a 2020 modern woman.


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