We take 5 minutes with Photographer Marc Beaussart.

1)Whats your favourite location in the world your job has taken you? I am not thinking in terms of location. More in terms of people I meet when I am traveling. The human makes the location fantastic!

2)What elements are needed for your idea of the perfect shot/perfect production? Great communication with all the team members is essential. Also, Great communication with the client is the most important thing. I always try to understand what the client expects and I always bring ideas and solutions to make the image perfect.

3)If you weren’t in this field, what career could you see yourself pursuing? I would have been an anthropologist.

4)If you could put together an on set dream team including yourself, the team and magazine to feature in.. Who would they be? So many people I have in mind! The magazine would be Another or Numéro. I will work with Olivier Djalayer, The greatest CGI and model maker artist I know. So many crazy ideas can come to life with him! The stylist would be Jo Phillips. Regarding the make up artist but also creative director I am thinking of Terry Barber. If I need a model I will work with Bee Beardsworth.

5)When you’re not in the studio/on set, where can we find you? At my magazine Faux Pas headquarter. Or at home with my family.


Marc Beaussart specialises in still life and commercial photography. You can find his portfolio here.


Interview by Tara Ellis.