I’ve been re-watching The Simple Life, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s reality show, and let me tell you this: it’s even better the second time around! The show’s plot is simple, two rich girls are literally dropped in the middle of nowhere to live with a regular American family in a farm, compelled to work minimum wage jobs to remain at home. Our two protagonists excel at being brats with hearts of gold. Their antics, one liners, Paris’ ‘That’s Hot!’ catch phrase, their friendship, everything about them appealed to a generation of avid fans.
All that aside, let me state my case: Miss Hilton’s style from the first to the third season is so ‘wavy’, she embodied the spirit of the 2000s, trashy cool meets pink uber-logo princess. From her swimsuit Dior that she wore as a top, to her endless supply of saddle bags, to the colorful tracksuits and the Missoni scarves she wore as headbands. Her style was and still is to this day epically epic; apparently young stars are imitating the original princess, we saw Kendall Jenner recreating the exact look Paris wore to her 21st birthday and wore it on her 21st too! Kylie is always inspired by Miss Hilton’s wardrobe, the young mogul was snapped modeling a very 2000s logo Louis Vuitton tote, one that Paris adored during her fame years. Love her or hate her, Paris carries with her a moment in history, a stamp in time that will never ever return, she was a style icon that wore whatever appealed to her, sans stylist sans instagram deals or sponsors. She was spontaneous and for a lack of a better word, hot!


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