Ok so being a raging alcoholic just became cute! Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Last year, Hello Kitty completely changed the wine game by debuting a full line of adult beverages and now returns with a combo pack of bottles featuring a super limited rosé! Chin chin babes!

The Sparkling Wine set includes three pink drinks, including the Sweet Pink Sparkling Wine, Sparkling Rosé, and a new Sparkling Rosé Special Edition (only 6,000 bottles exist, and I’m setting myself a personal mission to obtain and drink them all). The bottle itself is a gleaming magenta, topped with a confetti-covered foil wrapper… super selfie and instagramable am I right?

The Sparkling Rosé Special Edition is available starting in cases of three for $112 USD or as part of the combo pack, which costs $95 USD, online.


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