Gucci has announced the opening of a brand new headquarters in Milan. Dubbed ‘Gucci Hub,’ the site is located on Via Mecenate in the storied Caproni aeronautical factory, which was originally built in 1915. Taking over 35,000 square meters, the new ‘Hub’ will house over 250 full-time Gucci employees and will combine key offices, showrooms, and photo studios into one central space. Also on site is a 2,000 square foot runway venue, which will hold all Gucci fashion shows from 2017 and on.

“The concept and design of our new Milan location symbolize every aspect of the new chapter that Gucci opened at the start of last year,” said Gucci’s CEO and president Marco Bizzarri in a statement. “This highly contemporary space, rendered from within an historic building, will foster and nurture an open working environment that is at the core of a true learning organization. It will also become a place of cultural exchange, when we present the collections each season.”