Gucci Launches #24HourAce, The Coolest Art Collaboration Ever!

Gucci’s latest video project, #24HourAce, was launched yesterday with artists taking over the brand’s Snapchat account for one hour. Throughout the day, artists from around the world posted content on Gucci’s official Snapchat to illustrate and explain how they have collaborated with the iconic Italian brand, inspired by their Ace sneaker.

Each of the participating 19 artists was asked to make a short film of up to 60 seconds in length, using the Ace sneaker as the theme — the resulting videos were posted on Gucci’s Instagram account.

Among those involved are Korean longboarder Hyo Joo Ko; contemporary New York-based New Gothic artist Sue de Beer; Norwegian Snapchat star Geeoh Snap; Brazilian street artist Ananda Nahu, and Hong Kong director Frank Nitty. For more information visit: