House of Versace has always delivered strong collections for a strong woman. This retail-ready collection is not an exception. For all the red/yellow/blue colors immersed in a graphic digital pattern, there was another easy-to-wear black dress or a sportier version as a rounded jumpsuit. Was Donatella trying to send us a presidential message, has election fever reached Europe?

In true Versace manner, Donatella injected a dose of sportiness into the strong and sexy Versace signature. There were t-shirts and leggings; coats, jackets and even evening gowns fitted with drawstrings, bright colours and a lot of nylon. Of course there were some of Donatella’s trademark sexy numbers too: tight mini dresses, skirts split the the thigh and dresses slashed across the chest.




“We have to go faster from the present to the future,” Donatella said. “I was thinking how many important women mark history. You don’t recognize it so much, but it’s true. That is why we have to have the next president as a woman.”

Felwa AlHudaithy