As Giorgio Armani prepares for the second installment of his Armani/Laboratorio passion project. The filmmaking workshop, which will be held at Milan’s Armani/Silos museum in November 2018, is a free intensive training course for young film fans and students. Successful Armani/Laboratorio applicants will learn the practice of directing, screenwriting, cinematography, editing, production design, costume design, make-up and hair styling under the direction of Famed director Luca Guadagnino.

Guadagnino will be joined by David Kajganich, who will lead the screenwriting workshops, Lucas Gath, who will helm the cinematography seminars, Walter Fasano on editing, Giulia Piersanti on costume design, Fernanda Perez on make-up and Manolo Garcia on hair styling.

Entrants have until October 2 to submit applications to

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